Coach. Leader. Innovator. Learner. Father. Son. Brother. Friend. Warrior. Lover. Communicator. Cancer Survivor. Influencer. Healer.

Levi has experience working with individuals from all walks of life across the entire spectrum of health and disease. He has experience working with everyone from teenagers to senior citizens. He applies his unique, holistic perspective to create impactful change in those he works with. He has a deep understanding for the complexities of life, and how that in turn relates to health and wellbeing.

Levi has obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and a Doctorate degree in Occupational Therapy. His constant pursuit of learning and creating impact provide him with a deep sense of purpose on the preventative side of healthcare.


“Intuitively I have always known that helping others is my purpose, I have followed that intuition through education, application, and lifelong learning.”

Kettlebell Squats

Levi has been immersed in strength and conditioning for the past 8 years and has been an athlete his entire life. He is also a cancer survivor. His experiences have shaped him into a natural fighter, and through his battle with cancer, he turned to fitness as a way of life. A former collegiate baseball player, Levi has spent significant time focused on enhancing physical performance for sport. Recently, Levi made a shift in his focus to health and discovered functional fitness. Functional fitness integrates Levi’s love for performance, health, and helping others.

Levi has experience prescribing clients with corrective and restorative exercises to aid in injury prevention or recovery. Dieting and lifestyle hacks, goal specific workout programs, and 1 on 1 personal training.

“My goals for coaching are to educate, enhance, and integrate functional fitness to promote health, quality of life, and experiences both inside and outside the gym. I coach to help others achieve their best self.”