Blind Spots in Life

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We all have them. Imagine you’re driving your car down a busy five-lane highway. No matter what type of car you’re in, there’s always that blind spot that forces you to turn to be able to see whether you can switch lanes or not.

Some people will step on the gas and speed ahead to make sure they clear their blind spot. Some bad drivers will even hit the brakes to check.
Think of these as unhealthy coping mechanisms. The more efficient way is to simply turn and check to see if you can change lanes. Take a look. It may take more effort, or even feel uncomfortable at times.

If there’s a specific part of your life in which your feeling stuck or unhappy, it’s likely you have a blind spot. That blind spot could be a belief system that doesn’t serve you. It might be a program hardwired into your subconscious. It might be something you learned as a child that has always been there, even if it’s hard to see or you’ve never really even turned to look.
Part of the transformation process is turning to look to see the blind spots, and really seeing what’s there, what’s in the way of living the life you truly desire, the efficient way.
Once you turn and find the blind spot, the work begins. It can get messy with emotions. But imagine the freedom you’ll feel when you clear out your metaphorical blind spots. You’ll now know there’s nothing holding you back from changing lanes and living. You can move your life from lane to lane and travel freely. That’s the best metaphor for what transformation can feel like.
Now, imagine you’re the only one on the highway. Sit back, put it on cruise control and enjoy the views!

Discover—and overcome—your blind spots

Have you found yourself feeling stuck or dissatisfied with some aspect of your life? Most likely, you have a blind spot. Perhaps you have a sense of what it could be, although it’s equally possible you don’t know where to look for it.

This is where personal development coaching comes into the picture. Transformative Coaching, LLC is based in Phoenix, AZ, but we work with clients all over the world who can benefit from our approach to identifying and overcoming life’s challenges, including the blind spots that hold so many people back from achieving their goals and living a happy and rewarding life. We’ll work with you as you learn healthy coping mechanisms to progress in the areas that challenge you, employing an approach that focuses on the mind, body, emotions and spirit.
Whether you’re interested in working with us via remote video, by phone or in person, we offer a variety of approaches and coaching programs to meet the needs of our clients. To schedule personal development coaching, or if you’re just interested in learning more about what we do, reach out to Transformative Coaching, LLC today. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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