How Intuition Affects New Relationships

Your intuition is a powerful tool, including when you’re starting out in a new relationship. Dating is hard, and if you’ve been having bad luck recently, you might be tempted to give people chances even when they’re sending out red flags. Trusting your intuition can help you avoid those “hindsight is 20/20” moments. Here are our tips for improving your intuition in Phoenix, AZ.

What is intuition and how do you hone it?

You’ve probably experienced intuitive moments before, like the first feeling you get when you meet someone or are faced with a new decision. The intuitive nature we have as humans is innate, and it’s how we’ve survived and evolved as a species. Scientifically, it can be explained by your brain making hundreds of split-second judgments based on your knowledge and experience, but you might feel it as an immediate, automatic “yes” or “no” feeling.

The way we operate as a society tells us to think about things logically, or to consider what is always socially responsible or recommended. This takes away your power. You have the power to create a powerful, impactful life if you learn to tune into and trust your intuition. There are many practices to tune into your intuition, such as breath work, meditation, yoga, nature walks (without a device), solitude and more.

If you’re faced with a difficult decision, you can use your intuition to guide you. To do this, slow down, set the intention of reaching your answer—then let go and trust that the answer will come to you. Your brain will do the work for you in the background.

Here are some tips for using intuition in your relationships:

  • Trust your gut: The most important thing you can do in a new relationship is trust your gut feeling, whether that’s a strong yes or no—or you’re just not sure (which, in dating, usually indicates a no). If you feel unsafe or something about your date rubs you the wrong way, trust that feeling.
  • Pay attention to your physical sensations: Your intuition often manifests in physical symptoms, like being sick to your stomach around a questionable person or when you’ve made a bad decision. Scientifically, the gut is heavily linked to the brain and emotions—there are millions of neurons in the gastrointestinal system, more than in the spinal cord—which is why an ill-matched partner might give you an uneasy, literal gut feeling.
  • Try to spend time together in person: The more time you spend in person with a new prospect, the better. Facial expressions, body language and interactions all contribute valuable information about the person you’re seeing.
  • Surround yourself with positive friends and family: If you have friends and family who drain you or are a negative influence on your life, it’s time to let them go in favor of more positive ones.
  • Sit and reflect: Make sure you have plenty of time to reflect on your gut feelings and intuition—it’s part of why journaling, meditation and yoga are so popular.

Navigate your relationships and use this tips to improve your intuition in Phoenix, AZ with Transformative Coaching, LLC today.

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