October 20, 2019

"Dr. Levi Deike did an awesome job presenting the two workshops I attended- Power of Words and Goal Setting. The information was very relevant and helpful to me personally. The atmosphere was friendly and positive and I learned practical and useful suggestions that I can easily apply in my own life. His delivery was very motivational and inspirational. I would definitely return and would recommend attending Dr. Deike’s workshops in the future."
August 21, 2019

"I attended Dr. Levi’s workshops on Breath, Language and Goal Setting. Levi has a rare ability ti reframe and shed light on seemingly simple concepts in a way that profoundly impacts your experience with them moving forward. He has helped me bring focus to areas of my daily life that have been operating on autopilot, such as the way I talk about myself internally and to others, and has reset the way I see communication, improving my relationship with myself and those I interact with day-to-day. I’ve also had the pleasure of having Levi coach me in the gym. With a glance, Levi is able to identify aspects of my form that are suffering which many other fitness instructors overlook. He not only corrects my form, but with a few pointed questions, Levi establishes the root cause."
November 2, 2017

"When I signed up for remote coaching with Levi, I was expecting to get stronger, but I didn’t realize that it would apply in so many different ways! Physically, my strength and stamina have greatly improved, as have my muscle tone and posture. His workout programing is balanced and intuitive, challenging and progressive, responsive to my feedback and well-varied. I have gone from wishing that my back wouldn’t hurt, to being amazed that it no longer does. Mentally, Levi has taught me that what I say matters, what I think matters, and thatI am more capable than I realize! Through our coaching calls, I have learned that his approach naturally leans toward holistic. His has been of great benefit, as he has contributed in one way or another to my exploration of various supports, such as mantras, breathwork, cold exposure, kriyas, meditation, dance, visualization, and gratitude. Spiritually, he has helped me to consider the power and possibilities of our amazing bodies, and this life that we are lucky enough to be living. I have an expanded sense of faith in myself, my abilities, and my hopes for the future...my accomplishments feel. I love that Levi continues to evolve, learn, and strive for more. I hope to be working with him for years to come."